Join experts from WISI and Verimatrix, as they discuss the launch of their joint solution, the new ABR Receiver. A first-to-market, the ABR Receiver is designed to allow video operators to upgrade hospitality networks to IP while allowing bulk accounts to maintain existing video networks.

Video operators provide business accounts, such as hospitality networks and MDUs, with Pay TV services in parallel to residential subscribers. As operators migrate residential networks to use multiscreen ABR, they currently maintain linear video delivery for business accounts, resulting in unnecessary duplication and significant operational costs. 

This webinar will show you how to significantly reduce video delivery costs and eliminate duplicated delivery and security efforts, while still maintaining existing infrastructure at hospitality sites. Additionally, operators can utilize this switch to IP to expand and upsell broadband services.

During this webinar, WISI and Verimatrix will discuss:

  • How to re-use multiscreen video streams for legacy deployments
  • Maximizing revenue generation from existing gear while following a migration path to future capabilities
  • Deployment examples of how this new technology can be utilized
  • A product demonstration of the new ABR Receiver

Our team is available to help you evaluate the numerous applications for ABR video delivery.

At WISI, we’re here to help. We’d be happy to:

  • Discuss your business challenge
  • Design a seamless upgrade path
  • Walk you through a product demo

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