• Delivering reliable, seamless video content to 18 independent telephone companies from a centralized headend
  • Taking advantage of cost savings without sacrificing quality


  • Replaced outdated gear with Inca demultiplexers, encoders, and receivers
  • Hassle-free central headend managing video streams for 18 member companies


  • No failures or problems with the Inca boxes
  • Cost-savings advantage
  • Satisfied consortium members and happy customers

Seamless Transition

Com Net provides communication services to a consortium of 18 independent telephone companies in northwest Ohio serviced by a central headend. Com Net manages this headend and provides video content to their member companies over a dedicated regional fiber network.

Supporting a large group of telephone companies from a single, centralized headend is a challenge. Com Net requires video delivery equipment that is compatible with a myriad of different makes and models of set-top boxes employed by each individual telco, plus a wide range of different equipment and situations in the field. Com Net chose Inca to handle the transcoding, off-air reception, de-multiplexing and processing of signals in their IPTV end, allowing Com Net to deliver high-quality MPEG-4 IPTV video content to its member companies.

Randy Plaisier, CTO, explains, “We needed video delivery equipment that was compatible with a number of different models of set-top boxes and the unique equipment deployed at each of our individual telcos. Inca has been able to provide seamless compatibility with our gear and network infrastructure, which is a relief after working with various hardware vendors who could not provide the support or flexibility that we require.”

The Move to Inca

After experience with various hardware vendors who could not provide the support or flexibility that Com Net required, the company chose Inca to handle transcoding, off-air reception, demultiplexing and processing of signals in their IPTV headend. Inca products work headache-free alongside Minerva middleware, Latens encryption, and Amino and Entone set-top boxes.

An added advantage is that this modular, scalable hardware is combined with the agility, intuitiveness and control of Inca’s VidiOS™ software.

VidiOS is an advanced processing and monitoring engine at the core of every Inca product, providing control and visibility to Com Net technicians. VidiOS offers both active stream tools and integrated status monitoring and reporting to manage their headend more efficiently.

“VidiOS is a wonderful tool for our technicians to be able to see what is happening in our encoders in real-time from any location,” says Randy.

Price Matters

Video is a very competitive market with low margins. With traditional business models under threat and new players moving into the video delivery marketplace, incumbents must work to reduce customer churn and buoy their bottom lines. A cost-effective and efficient headend is an integral part of a successful video delivery strategy.

Randy says, “We’re definitely looking for a good experience for our customers. But we’re also looking for something that’s cost-effective for us. Cost is what drew us to Inca initially. What has kept us coming back is the reliability of their products and the stellar service.”

Quality Defined

Inca marries the convenience and simplicity of modular, scalable hardware with the agility, intuitiveness, and control of a software-centric approach to deliver a reliable, affordable, and easy-to-use solution.

“We really appreciate the flexibility and stability of the Inca gear. The configuration is user-friendly and flexible, allowing us to easily set up the boxes to our specifications. And we’ve had no issue with failure or problems with the boxes,” says Randy.

“Inca is really focused on keeping the customer happy. The support we receive from Inca is exceptional – truly a feather in their cap.”
Randy Plaisier, CTO, Com Net Inc.

Exceptional Support

Inca is known for their genuine dedication to helping customers in any way they can. With deep expertise and extensive experience, Inca works hard to exceed customer expectations and support them in their efforts to deliver the best service to their customers.

“Inca is a company that understands everything about video. We have come to depend on them for knowledge and advice, and they have become a resource for us, even on those products that they don’t make—a rarity in today’s market,” says Randy.

He adds, “Inca is really focused on keeping the customer happy. The support we receive from Inca is exceptional—truly a feather in their cap.”