• Challenging geographical environment and infrastructure limitations
  • Delivering reliable, stable IPTV service with high-quality picture


  • Replaced competitive video delivery equipment with Inca SD Encoder & Receiver 3210
  • Reliable IPTV solution for hotel’s casino delivering premium-quality channels


  • Better picture quality than previous vendor’s solution
  • Stable, dependable system that provides consistent digital TV service to guests
  • Decreased learning curve and training costs due to next-gen, user-friendly interface

Location, Location, Location

Punta Arenas, Chile is the southernmost city on the planet and the gateway to the southern Patagonia region often referred to as “the end of the world.” This remote location presents geographical challenges in delivering reliable, quality television service. In addition, Chile is also one of the most earthquake-prone areas in the world, creating its own set of video delivery challenges.

“After an earthquake damaged our client’s encoders, we were looking for the most reliable, stable and cost-effective IPTV solution we could find to deliver crystal-clear video content to their guests at Casino Dreams,” said Alejandro, Software Engineer, Dedalus Ltd.

Casino Dreams is the on-site casino at the Hotel Dreams Punto Arenas in Punto Arenas, Chile. The casino offers 360 slot machines, 30 games tables, and 200 bingo games. Televisions throughout the casino deliver movies, sports, and various other video content to guests.

Betting on Inca

When searching for the most reliable IPTV solution on behalf of his client, Hotel Dreams Punto Arenas, Alejandro chose to install an Inca Networks system to provide digital television for the hotel’s on-site casino. Today, Casino Dreams uses 10 Inca SD Encoder and Receiver 3210 boxes to receive analog signals from the local cable provider, convert them to IP single program transport streams (SPTS), and deliver 20 clear, consistent TV channels across their network.

“The Inca gear delivers improved stability, increased cost-effectiveness, and much better video quality than the previous vendor’s equipment. My client is very happy with the solution—and that makes me happy,” said Alejandro.

Simplicity Wins

Inca have streamlined the configuration and operation of their system to improve usability. With a next-gen, web-based interface, the Inca Intelligent Video Delivery solution shortens the learning curve, reduces training costs, and simplifies day-to-day management and troubleshooting.

“I was pleasantly surprised at how intuitive and advanced the interface is. Configuring the system was a simple and efficient process. And my client is very satisfied with how easy the system is to operate and manage,” Alejandro said.

Eye in the Sky

At the core of every Inca product is VidiOS™, an advanced processing and monitoring engine that provides carrier-grade visibility and control of each step of the processing chain. All the information to monitor and manage the video network—video thumbnails, extensive payload analysis, alarms—is available in real-time, in a graphically-rich, web-based interface.

Alejandro said, “Being able to view thumbnails of all the channels is extremely valuable for troubleshooting. And this feature is built right into the Inca boxes. With competitors’ products, you need to purchase external equipment to monitor your video streams.”

Ace Customer Support

Inca is recognized for their first-class customer service and support. The goal of the Inca team is to provide affordable, reliable, and user-friendly tools that make it easier for customers to do their jobs, and to work closely with them to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently.

Alejandro said, “Inca’s customer support is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. If I call with a question, I can actually speak to someone who has the expertise to help me. And they respond very quickly to provide a solution to any issue. I am confident that I am in good hands.”

He added, “Inca offers a reliable, affordable, easy-to-use solution with exceptional support. I would definitely recommend them.”