Vancouver, CANADA, March 15th, 2023 – WISI, a global leader in video technology, has announced the release of Widevine support for their ABR Receiver. With this new feature, operators can receive ABR streams and bulk decrypt Widevine before outputting IP multicast, QAM, or Analog. It enables video operators who use Widevine for their ABR service to upgrade their video network to IP-based delivery and free up bandwidth for the delivery of broadband or data services. 

“Video operators who are transitioning their video networks to IP still need a viable solution to deliver bulk video to hospitality and edge networks, many of which continue to support QAM-to-QAM equipment,” said Sharen Sandhu, VP of Product at WISI America. “Much of this legacy equipment used in the market is almost 15 years old and at high risk of outages. With WISI’s ABR Receiver, operators can future-proof their video networks and repurpose ABR streams to serve edge locations.” 

As operators migrate residential networks to use multiscreen ABR, they often maintain linear QAM-based video for business accounts, resulting in unnecessary duplication and significant operational costs. WISI has created a way to reuse multiscreen video streams for legacy deployments and remove duplication. The same ABR streams used to serve residential subscribers can be repurposed to feed the edge. 

With WISI’s latest product update, operators can now use Google Widevine bulk decryption at the edge when receiving ABR streams. Verimatrix bulk decryption is also available as an option for ABR to MPEG Transport Stream processing. To ensure end-to-end content protection, WISI provides a variety of options to re-encrypt streams for hospitality sites, including Pro:Idiom, Samsung Lynk, AES-128, or Verimatrix. 

The ABR Receiver is available within the Inca IP Video Platform, which effortlessly bridges the gap between existing and new video technologies and can replace racks of headend equipment with one modular platform. Inca provides the option for video and audio transcode if required to support MPEG-2 compatible set-top boxes. The platform also includes VidiOS™, a powerful and user-friendly user interface which enables easy management and monitoring of every stream for expedited troubleshooting and analysis. Essential features include inbound and outbound video thumbnails, stream capture and download, extensive statistical analysis, and rapid stream configuration. 

“WISI is actively helping operators modernize their video delivery networks while maintaining current services for their business customers,” said Sandhu. “Our modular edge solutions ensure that operators can easily upgrade functionality without the need for truck rolls.” 

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