Vancouver, CANADA, January 19, 2021 – Gosfield North Communications, an IPTV provider for rural communities in Ontario, chose WISI, a global leader in carrier-grade video delivery solutions, for its headend modernization project. This choice allows Gosfield to utilize WISI’s HLS Adaptive Bit Rate (ABR) technology, eliminate set-top boxes and provide multiscreen flexibility to subscribers.

In 2012, Gosfield North Communications boldly became one of the first carriers in Canada to build and operate an all-IPTV video network, partnering with WISI for transcoding all linear video services.  In 2020, Gosfield seized the opportunity to modernize its network and provide both linear and ABR video content to subscribers with numerous device types. 

The company looked at several equipment suppliers for ABR and HLS equipment but chose WISI for the upgrade.  “There are a few things we look for in our decision-making,” said Robert Petruk, Chief Executive and Technology Officer for Gosfield North Communications.  “With WISI, we had an awesome history of support. We know when we send an email or make a call, we’re going to get help immediately.”

Gosfield is using the new Inca IP Video Platform to provide enhanced multiscreen services to its subscribers.  Petruk is especially impressed with the modular nature of the Inca platform. “I like the fact that with a modular system, I can just change out blades as my network changes. With WISI, I had the confidence that the technology would evolve, and I could just fold it into my network as necessary.”

Inca’s modular platform bridges the gap between legacy equipment and new video technologies, including next-gen HEVC and ABR transcode applications. Inca’s state-of-the-art integrated user interface VidiOS™ brings peace of mind to management and monitoring. No headend forklifts required for service upgrades. The modular platform easily adjusts functionality via software licenses applied through VidiOS™.

“Our relationship with Gosfield is typical of the way we like to do business”, said Mike Skowronski, VP of Sales at WISI America. “We pride ourselves on being more like partners, than supplier and customer. We are excited to help them launch this new service for their video subscribers.”

Although there are always challenges implementing any new service, Petruk is confident in the new ABR service offering.  “I have a long-standing history with WISI and in my experience, WISI always works to find the right solutions.”

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About WISI

Founded in 1926, WISI has consistently innovated video reception and distribution technology for nearly 100 years. With customers in more than 150 countries, WISI helps video distributors minimize operating costs while maximizing the scale and efficiency at every point in their network. For more information on WISI’s Inca, Tangram and Chameleon product families, visit

About Gosfield North Communications

Established in 1907, Gosfield has strived to be on the leading edge of providing service. This can be highlighted by the Canadian launch of the first all IPTV headend in 2012 and the first 1 Gb fibre to the home service in 2013. 2021 will see the launch of whole home mesh carrier grade Wifi, app based IPTV for network attached subscribers, and a self-serve portal for instant account changes for service.  Gosfield is a rural Co-op based in southwestern Ontario providing service on their own FTTH infrastructure.