Wall outlet SAT/TV/R

3-hole stub wall outlet for separately connecting satellite receivers, terrestrial televisions and radio receivers. The SAT connection features a DC voltage pass-through which helps to transmit the supply voltage and switching voltage. The housing is die-cast and, in addition to being robust and flat, boasts high screening efficiency in line with Class A.


  •  Detached houses and apartment buildings
  •  Community facilities
  •  Hospitals and rehab centres
  • Hotels and amusement parks
  • Office spaces
  • Any coaxial infrastructure

At a glance

DW 45D

  • 3-hole cover plate
  • Compatible with the DB 53D wall outlet
  • Colour: Pure white
  • Includes mounting screw
  • Compatible with all standard switch ranges
  • Compatible with the DD 99D surface-mounted frame
  • Dimensions (W x H): 76 x 76 mm

DD 99D

  • Surface mounting frame
  • Suitable for mounting the DB 53D wall outlet
  • Colour: Pure white
  • Centring marks for easy mounting of the outlet
  • Includes mounting screws
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 76 x 76 x 32 mm