DOCSIS 3.1 amplifier 1.2 GHz

WISI‘s new VX 12 amplifier series was developed specifically for future-proof 1.2 GHz cable networks and impresses with a wide variety of models which meet the technical requirements of these modern networks.

Upstream, cascade or individual amplifier models allow television, multimedia and Internet data to be transmitted in the very best quality from the source all the way to the furthest away subscriber connection.


  • As a CATV cable network amplifier
  • As an upstream amplifier
  • As a house connection amplifier
  • As a cascade amplifier
  • As an in-house distribution amplifier
  • As an individual amplifier



The VX 12 device types are designed for a wide range of applications and can be configured in different ways depending on their intended use.

They generally have a downstream and an upstream range which are selectively separated by an integrated diplexer. This allows both ranges to be configured individually in terms of amplification and equalization, and for them to be used within the different specified RF powers. The power data always refers to the loads for the entire frequency
ranges with digital channels defined in the EN standard.

The VX12V 2220 offers fewer adjustment options because it is designed as an upstream amplifier for low-noise amplification and therefore maintains the quality of the amplified signals. If the equalization needs to be adapted, this can only be done in the interstage.

In contrast, attenuation and equalization values can be configured at the input, at the output and also in the interstage on the VX12K 4432 cascade variant and the VX12E 3625 individual amplifier. This ensures optimal signal amplification in the CATV network.

There is the option to insert an ICS receiver module (VT21) which can be controlled in accordance with EN 60728-14. The three different statuses – 0 dB/-6 dB and OFF – are indicated by an LED lighting up green/yellow or red.