The Challenge

Receive Satellite Channels outside of Europe

European TV channels typically can’t be received outside of the European satellite footprint. As a result, European guests can’t enjoy television and video entertainment in a hotel outside of Europe. WISI, however, is able to stream channels from these countries via the internet encrypted to any network in the world, thanks to the SRT technology.

WISI provides a unique solution that combines the management of content rights and the technology required to deliver TV services securely. Through this solution, hotels in countries outside of Europe can offer their guests an exclusive television entertainment package in their native language.

The Solution

Use WISI’s SRT Solution for Content Streaming

A WISI Tangram or Chameleon headend placed in Europe receives DVB-S/S2 signals from satellite and converts them into SRT data streams. The signals are then scrambled using BISS and securely transferred over the internet. The content is encrypted and then distributed using internet protocol to a Chameleon headend in a hotel outside of Europe. High-quality output streams in IPTV, DVB-C, DVB-T or Analog can be delivered, allowing guests to enjoy a world-class viewing experience.

Application Diagram

WISI, a member of the SRT alliance, has integrated the SRT protocol
into the WISI Intelligent Headend product family – Tangram and Chameleon.
Video operators can now send or receive SRT streams using WISI products
to lower latency and increase reliability.

Why choose WISI for your content streaming project?

  • Encryption and decryption options using Verimatrix, BISS, LG Pro: Idiom, Philips VSecure or Samsung LYNK
  • Receive content streams and output as IP, QAM, COFDM, Analog, ASI or SDI
  • Small footprint with power-efficient, modular solutions in 1RU
  • Powerful management and monitoring tools
  • Rapid configuration and deployment with an intuitive web-based UI
  • Reliable 24/7 operation, thanks to quality engineering and strong technical support

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