RS-Series Outdoor Aggregation Switches

WISI’s innovative RS-Series Outdoor Aggregation Switches are meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of network providers leveraging 1G/10G/25G and 100G interfaces for seamless interconnection and aggregation of devices within their network.


  • Mobile backhaul
  • Mobile Antenna (eCPRI) aggregation
  • Outdoor Ethernet aggregation
  • Remote-MAC/PHY node aggregation
  • B2B ethernet services
  • PON OLT conversion

Key Features

How it works

In the realm of distributed network architecture, facing limitations with conventional 19” rack units in outdoor settings and their lack of non-blocking aggregation, the RS-Series Outdoor Aggregation Switch emerges as a game-changer.

With just a single existing fiber connection, the switch seamlessly replaces a lone Remote-PHY node, utilizing a 100G link on fiber. It delivers significantly larger bandwidth over longer distances and also transforms the once-isolated location into a thriving aggregated facility. The RS-Series Outdoor Aggregation Switches accommodates additional R-PHY nodes, high-bitrate PON residential customers, and Point-to-Point Ethernet business customers—all seamlessly connected through the pre-existing trunk fiber.

The versatility of the Outdoor Aggregation Switch goes beyond the basics. Even the most straightforward aggregation tasks for operators or smaller entities become hassle-free, thanks to its robust IP rating. This ensures that the switch exceeds the demands of diverse network environments, providing a reliable solution for various applications. Elevate your network capabilities with WISI’s cutting-edge Outdoor Aggregation
Switch—where efficiency meets innovation.