GF product range – Compact Video Headend

The new FALCON headend product range features generally recognised and established WISI signal processing technology which is used in various new
and future-proof model versions and can be adapted to meet specific market needs by means of flexible configurations.


  • Hotels and B&Bs
  • Leisure centres and campsites
  • Hospitals and rehab clinics
  • Cruise ships and merchant ships
  • Care homes and retirement homes
  • Offices and shared flats



Transmodulation of up to 12 satellite transponders (DVB-S/S2) or terrestrial DVB-T/T2 or CATV DVB-C receiver channels to up to 16 DVB-C or DVB-T output channels.

The integrated switching matrix means that it is incredibly simple to assign the various connected polarisation levels to each receiver tuner and does away with the need for additional external devices. This saves space, material costs and installation time.

The models with CI slots can be equipped with up to eight CAM modules which can be used for the central decryption of programmes. The multiplexing functionality at the input of the CI interfaces helps ensure that the CAM capacity is used in the most effective way with regard to the number of programmes which can be decrypted simultaneously. This way, programmes from different SAT input transponders or terrestrial channels can be combined to form a CAM module.

Thanks to the additional multiplexing function at the output, output channels can also be processed in any combination of programmes. The maximum available bandwidths and data rates of the applicable broadcast transmission standard – DVB-C or DVB-T – are taken into consideration. External content, such as video sequences, can be added to the data flows via the USB ports.