The merging of TV and Internet as well as the rapidly changing consumer habits when using linear and non-linear TV have an impact on the requirements for modern headend technology. At the same time, the fast technological progress in the development of fixed and mobile end devices is a considerable challenge to telecommunication companies, cable network operators and city carriers where the introduction of new services is concerned. Sustainable headend systems are the means to reinforcing and further expanding one’s market position in this extremely dynamic environment. At the same time, these systems have to fulfil particular requirements. Among them are a space-saving, compact installation, user-friendliness and, increasingly, the aspect of energy efficiency.

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WISI offers two headend systems of varying capacity which meet these requirements to the highest degree. Tangram is a high-density platform designed for cost-effective and energy-efficient signal acquisition as well as “Edge” applications. The system offers all necessary functions in extremely high density for operation in professional networks. With the software based headend system Chameleon, WISI takes another approach. The Chameleon modules are programmed and configured via software. The underlying concept offers the user extreme flexibility with the conversion of input signals into all current output signals required for the network. At the same time the headend can be updated any time via software in the shortest possible time, with just a keystroke. The Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers (SCTE) has awarded this innovative headend concept with the prestigious SCTE Award 2013 for Technical Innovation in the category “Best digital processing solution”.

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