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Dynamically adjusting the video quality

Streaming of video files provides new opportunities and at the same time requires more from the network operators and broadcasters. Streaming content in real-time demands ultra-fast processing of the video content in order to minimise latency.

Sporting events with millions of viewers have the highest demand on real-time reception, and are among the most challenging scenarios. WISI’s Inca Multiscreen Package & Origin Server 5420 is tailored to provide the file streaming format supported by the end users, at a minimum delay. The incoming IP streams are segmented into multiple files and profiles that are requested by the end user devices.

Adaptive bitrate protocols, like HLS and MPEG-DASH, provide multiple profiles of the video content, between which the mobile devices can switch seamlessly depending on the quality of the broadband connection. The management of the platform is done through the embedded web server, which is easy and intuitive to use. It supports a variety of content formats for various players and devices, including smart phones, tablets and connected TVs, at different connection speeds.

Products for Adaptive Bitrate Streaming

How can you benefit from Adaptive Streaming Techniques?

ABR streaming – Adaptive Bit Rate streaming – is based on a technology where several video and audio files with different bitrates and resolutions are generated in parallel, and subsequently requested from the mobile phone or tablet. The playback quality of your media files are then adapted to the available broadband speed you are using. This allows an uninterrupted playback experience, where video quality will only be degraded if there is a poor broadband connection, but without ever losing the picture, which is always synchronised between the different profiles. With adaptive streaming, the end user will have a good quality experience – on any device – in any network.

Who uses Adaptive Streaming?

Adaptive streaming is ideal for live streaming services where close to real-time reception is required. The co-existence of live streams through your linear TV cable network and through adaptive streaming services gives the end users an improved service level and better content availability.

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