Innovation through new products

Aggregate. Everything. Everywhere.

WISI breaks new ground with the NOVALINK Outdoor Aggregation Switches of the RS-Series. Designed to meet the requirements of network providers in the field of aggregation from 1G/10G/25G to a 100G trunk interface and to suit any installation situation. Elevate your network capabilities with WISI’s cutting-edge Outdoor Aggregation Switch—where efficiency meets innovation.

Receive. Process. Distribute.

With the FALCON Headend, WISI presents a new product family for the hospitality sector. The FALCON Headend is based on WISI’s reliable signal processing and is specially designed for use in 19’ racks without losing the option of wall mounting. Flexible configurations allows the FALCON headend to be easily adapted to specific market requirements.

Receive. Decrypt. Distribute.

WISI is proud to offer the first professional ABR receiver. It allows the receiving of ABR video streams, their bulk decryption via a connected Google Widevine DRM system and the subsequent conversion into an IPTV transport stream for IP distribution networks or into QAM/analogue for coaxial distribution structures.


Install. Connect. Watch TV.

No problem with the new 3-ports stub socket for separate connection of satellite receiver, terrestrial TV and radio receiver. The SAT connection is equipped with a DC voltage feed-through for the transmission of supply and switching voltages. The die-cast housing is rugged and flat, and provides high level of shielding in accordance with Class A.