Vancouver, CANADA, February 6, 2020 – Minerva Networks and Com Net Inc (CNI) recently approved WISI, a leading provider of carrier-grade video solutions, for customer installations within their cloud video service Minerva YourTV Now. WISI’s Inca Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) Transcoder 3840, a high-density and power-efficient OTT transcoder with market-leading cost per stream, provides telco and cable operators with significant cost and space savings compared with other transcoding vendors.

CNI has operated as a centralized headend for 22 companies in Ohio and Michigan for 15 years. They have recently started an exclusively nationwide partnership with Minerva Networks, a leading provider of advanced pay television services, to power their white-labelled centrally hosted ABR solution, which delivers advanced pay TV services to set-top boxes and multiscreen devices, nationwide.

Minerva YourTV Now features an optional full channel lineup of ABR streams, allowing operators to launch new OTT TV services.

Operators add local content to the Minerva YourTV Now cloud service by receiving and transcoding these channels on-prem and then delivering them to CNI’s centralized headend. Processing these local services can be costly for operators depending on the transcoder selected.

“Transcoding at the edge can really eat up space and power if you’re not careful. The Inca 3840 ABR gives our customers the benefit of a smaller footprint,” said Randy Plaisier, CTO at CNI. “WISI’s product provides substantial power and cost savings for transcoding local services to multiple bitrate profiles.”

CNI’s longstanding relationship with WISI and the Inca product line was a factor in choosing WISI for this new service. CNI has enjoyed working with Inca products over the past 8 years because of the sophisticated, easy-to-use user interface and unparalleled, responsive technical support.

“The ease of configuration is a bonus when choosing WISI. With the Inca product line, set-up and deployment is very intuitive,” said Plaisier.

“From the first time we dealt with Inca (WISI), support was unbelievable. If we had any issue, we could contact support and get results almost immediately. It was unbelievable then and still unbelievable now,” said Plaisier.

The 3840ABR is available now for OTT video delivery and includes options for chassis redundancy, automatic source failover and dual redundant AC or DC power.

The CNI powered Minerva service is available now in North America.  Contact for more information.

To find out more about the Inca 3840 ABR Transcoder, or to request a sales demo, please visit or contact


About WISI

Founded in 1926, WISI has consistently innovated video reception and distribution technology for nearly 100 years. With customers in more than 150 countries, WISI helps video distributors minimize operating costs while maximizing the scale and efficiency at every point in their network. For more information on WISI’s Inca, Tangram and Chameleon product families, visit

About Com Net, Inc (CNI)

CNI ( is an Ohio-based company established in 1993 comprised of 21 independent local exchange companies (ILECs) and one electrical cooperative. Since 2005, CNI has provided IPTV head end and consulting services to some of the most complex ecosystems in the United States.

CNIʼs services extend beyond video to include full Network Operations Center (NOC) support; 24x7x365 technical support and customer service departments; as well as an advanced server support and custom coding team to serve communication providers located throughout the country.

About Minerva Networks

Minerva is the leading provider of service management solutions for the delivery of advanced pay television services. Over 300 operators worldwide have deployed Minerva’s software platforms to offer next-generation entertainment services to their subscribers. With Minerva, operators are able to quickly transform their Pay TV services to provide a unique user journey anywhere and on any device. For more information, please visit