Vancouver, CANADA, December 21, 2020 – WISI, a leading provider of carrier-grade video delivery solutions, announced today that the Chameleon Headend Platform and the Tangram High-Density Platform have successfully integrated full SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) send and receive capabilities. This will enable operators to both receive and deliver video streams using the new SRT protocol.

SRT is an open source protocol used to deliver high-quality and low latency video over the public internet. It is designed to increase the efficiency of the video delivery process, while also maintaining exceptional video quality. Being an open source protocol, SRT is more extensible than competing proprietary solutions on the market.

“At WISI we create reliable platforms that provide operators with flexible options for their video networks,” said Sharen Sandhu, VP of Product for WISI America. “Using SRT, operators can easily deploy a variety of applications, including remote content creation and distribution, direct connections to broadcasters, satellite replacement and headend consolidation.”

Due to the modular nature of the Tangram and Chameleon platforms, WISI offers an unparalleled level of versatility. The platforms can receive SRT streams and output in IP, QAM, analog, ASI or SDI. The Chameleon additionally includes encoder modules that can ingest baseband streams from HD/SD-SDI, A/V or HDMI and output SRT. Typically, SRT video delivery products from other vendors only support IP in and IP out.

WISI’s flagship transcoding platform, the Inca IP Video Platform, also offers high-density send and receive SRT capabilities, which has been deployed at different customer sites throughout North America.

“Video delivery is constantly evolving,” said Sandhu. “At WISI, we believe that it’s important to continually introduce feature expansions to our platforms. Our goal is to provide a seamless path for video operators to upgrade services, as business needs change or grow.”

SRT functionality is a new software option for Tangram, Chameleon, and Inca products. WISI customers can easily evaluate SRT delivery with existing gear. For video operators new to WISI, SRT streams can still be reviewed as no equipment is necessary to receive test streams from the WISI lab.

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