One honored for 40 years of service and two for 25 years of service to the company

Decades of loyalty and identification are becoming increasingly rare in today’s fast-paced working world. WISI is an exceptional case. The high-tech company, which has been located in Niefern-Öschelbronn for more than nine decades, is traditionally characterized by a firmly anchored bond with its employees and the region. In the presence of Mayor Birgit Förster, three employees were honored at the company headquarters during an anniversary celebration. The managing partner Axel Sihn congratulated Martin Kolb on his 40 years of service and Dunja Apel and Ruven Seeger on their 25 years of service.

Martin Kolb started his apprenticeship as a toolmaker at WISI on 01 September 1979. After his successful apprenticeship, he was taken on in the toolmaking department on 01 February 1983. Today he works in production planning. Even during his apprenticeship, Kolb was involved in the company, initially as a youth representative for employee interests. He has been a member of the works council since 1987. In December 1988, he was elected chairman and held this position until March 2000. Since April 2017, he has again been Chairman of the Works Council.

Dunja Apel joined the company on 1 September 1994 as an industrial clerk trainee and was taken on as a commercial employee in the accounting department on 1 July 1997. There she is mainly in charge of the company accounting including the determination of cost rates, the annual financial statement as well as the company audit. In addition, Ms. Apel is the SAP contact person for the accounting department. She is also active as an employee representative. Ms. Apel was a youth representative from 1998 to 2002 and has been a member of the WISI works council since 2002.

Ruven Seeger began his training as a communications electronics technician specializing in radio technology on September 1, 1994 and was taken on in the development department on February 1, 1997. Thanks to his excellent understanding of systems, he is regarded in the development department as a luminary in optical transmission technology. He has developed a number of successful products, particularly in the field of optical transmitters. In addition to the LT54 of the TOPLINE HEADEND platform, this includes all BK and LX transmitters. In addition, he is regarded by his development colleagues as an important advisor and contact person for RF circuit technology. In addition, Mr. Seeger is an avid cyclist and in 2011 completed the 300-kilometer course at an average of well over 30 kilometers per hour in the WISI jersey at the Väterrundan bicycle race in Sweden.

WISI’s close relationship with its employees is also expressed in impressive figures. In the past five years alone, one employee was honored for 50 years of service, ten employees for 40 years and 33 employees for 25 years of service.