WISI Launches New Innovative Product Solutions for Network Operators and Service

Niefern-Öschelbronn, May 4, 2022 – WISI, a global leader in carrier-grade communication technology, will present numerous new video delivery solutions for broadband network operators and service providers, at ANGA COM 2022 (May 10 – 12) in Cologne, Germany, at booth A12 in hall 8. Highlights include the new GT35, GT36, GT2000 modules with GT2100/2300 and GT1100 for the successful Tangram video platform, active and passive DOCSIS 4.0 technology for the frequency spectrum up to 1.8GHZ the powerful WISI XGS-PON HELIX portal solution, and the expanded Inca IP Video Platform with new HXC-200 module.


WISI has extended its Tangram Video Platform for cable TV, IPTV and OTT solutions by a 10G interface, the universal software based module conception GT2000 and encoders for different video applications. The implementation of a 10G interface enables the connection of high-performance 10 Gbps network switches, allowing operators to reduce the number of connections in their network as well as maintenance cost. The new 10G Tangram Chassis features four ports, each supporting 10 Gbps, and an additional 1 Gbps management port.

The software-based GT2000 is the new high-density Tangram module for edge video solutions. It offers network operators new capabilities in terms of functionality and investment security. The GT2100 software option activates the IP to analog modulator, which processes up to 10 analog TV channels. A special highlight is the compatibility with MPEG-2, MPEG-4 and HEVC video compression, as well as the downscaling of 4K content. The GT2300 software option converts the GT2000 hardware into a high-performance edge QAM solution with a density of up to 48 QAM channels per module.

The new GT35 and GT36 encoders complete the capabilities of the Tangram Video platform with audio and video encoding of HDMI and HD/SDI input signals. Thanks to the four inputs per module, up to 24 HDMI or 24 SDI signals can be received in 1 rack unit. These new modules can be used in combination with other Tangram modules as a powerful one-box solution.

INCA IP Video Platform

WISI has added the new high-performance HXC-200 module to its Inca IP Video Platform. This new next-gen transcoding solution enables operators to process current video workflows as well as future-proof their networks with support for up to UHD/4K HEVC 12-bit resolutions. Video content can be transcoded between HEVC, MPEG-4 AVC and MPEG-2 to ensure compatibility with upstream and downstream equipment.

Key features supported by the new HXC-200 module include advanced de-interlacing and uprating to 60fps which increase output quality from interlaced sources, particularly high-action sports content, for multiscreen ABR delivery. The HXC-200 module is available now for new and current WISI customers, who can upgrade current deployments and install the module in existing Inca chassis.

HELIX accelerates PON networks symmetrically with 10G and beyond

WISI’s PON Portal solution HELIX is a new approach based on SDN and NFV technologies to deploy 10G XGS PON technology in a cost-effective, highly flexible and easier way. Compact Whitebox Switches and the use of open source software do not tie service providers to proprietary solutions that are expensive and inflexible. Thus, it becomes feasible to deliver more bandwidth and higher speeds at a much lower cost on a single fiber than was previously possible with existing technologies.

WISI Communications:

WISI employs 600 people worldwide at locations in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and China. In addition, WISI works with more than 100 partners in all major international markets.

Nine decades ago, the high-tech company’s successful path began as one of the world’s pioneers in radio frequency and broadband technology. Today, new media are driving the rapidly increasing demand for broadband services. Modern broadband networks must be intelligent, powerful and scalable transport solutions. This is our business. As an innovator and technology integrator for key communications sectors, we are committed to innovation, now and in the future. For more information about WISI Communications, visit wisigroup.com

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