New Optimized Headend Solutions Available Now for Content Providers and Operators of Next-Generation Networks

Vancouver, Canada, May 7, 2018 –

WISI is set to debut the Inca ABR Transcoder 3840 along with new features for TANGRAM and CHAMELEON at ANGA COM 2018. The Inca ABR Transcoder 3840 sets new standards for performance and density while WISI has extended feature sets for two internationally-deployed and highly successful headend systems, CHAMELEON and TANGRAM. With these products, network operators can optimize their existing transmitting and distribution infrastructures while enjoying key competitive advantages.

The traffic volume of video content and TV services is growing rapidly on a worldwide scale. Operators face constant challenges by having to invest in the performance and capacity of their networks to supply their clients with the highest of quality in an increasingly competitive environment. As a leading international technology provider for the key sectors of communications, German firm WISI unveils new solutions at this year’s ANGA COM 2018 (June 12 – 14) in Cologne (booth R11 in hall 8). With these new additions, WISI continues to offer optimized systems for cable and IP network operators, broadcasters and content providers.

INCA ABR Transcoder 3840

With the new Inca ABR Transcoder 3840, WISI combines the highest of quality with cost efficiency while setting new standards in international markets. The 3840 is optimized for multiscreen & OTT applications and can transcode up to 24 HD or 48 SD channels to multi-bitrate profiles. Thanks to its high density, a large number of TV channels can be processed in a single rack unit for OTT delivery. In addition, WISI has improved the flexibility and security of investment significantly for the operator. The high density is maintained even when source codecs, bitrates or formats are changed by the content owner, which helps operators plan OTT projects with confidence – e.g. from MPEG-2 to MPEG-4, from 1080i with 30 frames per second to 720p with 60 frames per second or from SPTS to MPTS. Finally, the ABR Transcoder 3840 features low energy consumption and low operational costs making it the perfect solution to launch new multiscreen services.


WISI has integrated its multi-headend platform, CHAMELEON into the globally-deployed and highly successful All Seeing Eye (ASE) monitoring and troubleshooting tool. This multi-view monitoring platform features a visual mosaic of video thumbnails and gives operators greater visibility and reliability within their network. The faster detection and troubleshooting of errors in the transmitting of TV channels and streams allows the operator to reduce outages significantly and increase customer satisfaction while also lowering operational costs.

Additionally, WISI has optimized the encoding capabilities of CHAMELEON. Thanks to higher density, the costs for encryption per TV channel have decreased significantly. This is important for network operators and content providers supplying TV channels and video streams to the hospitality industry that need to protect and encode content. Moreover, CHAMELEON now supports the new standard for broadcasting via satellite (DVB-S2X) and offers additional features such as traffic shaping and real-time transport stream monitoring.


WISI has also integrated support for the visual monitoring platform, All Seeing Eye into its high-density platform TANGRAM.

Operators now profit from more efficient channel encoding options provided by new software licenses for Pro:Idiom and Samsung LYNK. Finally, TANGRAM now supports the satellite broadcasting standard DVB-S2x.

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About Inca Networks

In July 2015, the Wilhelm Sihn Jr. (WISI) company acquired Inca Networks Inc. Founded in 1926, WISI is one of the world’s pioneers in broadband reception and distribution technology. Today, WISI’s business is focussed on the production and distribution of solutions in the following areas: automotive antenna and cabling, components for broadband networks, fiber optics for broadband, digital signal reception, processing and modulation for TV and radio, in-house multimedia. Inca Networks sells and distributes WISI’s Tangram and Chameleon platforms to North American, Caribbean, and Latin American markets. 

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