Operators of shared facilities and headends should prepare in good time

Niefern-Öschelbronn, June 26, 2020 – The parallel satellite distribution of TV programs in SD and in the significantly better HD quality by the public and private broadcasting groups is very expensive and cannot be continued forever in the current manner. Therefore, the SD switch-off is coming. Operators of shared TV systems in the housing industry or of headends in the hospitality sector should inform themselves and switch to future-proof HD reception in good time. For an efficient changeover, WISI is now launching a comprehensive information campaign via partners from the trade and craft sectors. In addition to upgrading existing OH headends for HD reception, the focus is on the OM Micro Headend as a technical alternative. It is more compact, more efficient and has a greater range of functions.

Proven and future-proof: WISI OH

The powerful WISI Compact Headend System OH has proven itself for many years, especially in CATV networks, medium-sized residential complexes, high-rise buildings, leisure facilities, senior citizen centers, hospitals, hotels and boarding houses. Thanks to its modular design, it is considered to be particularly future-proof. This is now confirmed once again with the changeover from SD to HD reception.

Thus, when replacing SD modules in the OH50 basic unit (in versions A or R), the operator can choose between the OH 84, OH 85 H and OH 88 H digital modules according to his need for HD programming. OH 84 offers a particularly high number of transponders. It can receive 4 DVB-S/S2 signals and transmodulate them into 4 DVB-C channels (QAM). The twin DVB-S/S2-QAM module OH 85 H has two built-in CI interfaces. It can receive two DVB-S/S2 HDTV signals and modulate them into two QAM TV channels. With the OH 88 H module, the headend operator can receive two DVB-S/S2 signals and convert them into two DVB-T channels (COFDM).

Efficient alternatives

If the operator of a DVB-S/S2 in QAM channel processing system requires additional channels, WISI offers him two expansion alternatives – in addition to an expansion of existing OH channel processing systems.

The Micro Headend OM 10 0648 is considered particularly future-proof and is already designed for DVB-S2X. This standardized and backward compatible extension of DVB-S2 enables higher bandwidth efficiency and includes additional features for new and future relevant applications. The compact headend can transmodulate 6 DVB-S/S2/S2X transponders into 8 DVB-C (QAM) or 8 DVB-T (COFDM) channels. With its 4 CI interfaces, the system is ideally suited for the central decoding of pay-TV programs and can also be used flexibly for the basic supply of free-to-air programs. Useful functionalities such as the assignment of static service IDs to avoid TV searches in case of future transponder changes, or the feed of own video content, round off the high range of functions.

The WISI Box OH 16 SC is a complete modulator solution and features a very high channel density in one device. With the integrated transmodulators, 16 DVB-S/S2 transponders can be received and converted into 16 QAM TV channels. The WISI BOX is compact, requires little space with its narrow dimensions and operates very energy-efficiently.

WISI OK – Direct changeover strongly recommended

Some operators have been using the very reliable WISI OK system in their headends for almost two decades. However, there are no modules for this for the changeover to HD reception. Therefore, WISI recommends switching directly to the OH Compact Headend or the two alternatives WISI BOX and Micro Headend OM 10 0648.


Together with its partners, WISI offers a comprehensive on-site service for the changeover to HD reception. This includes situation analysis, consulting, replacement, installation, programming and commissioning of the expanded or new systems. Interested operators of shared systems and headends can contact WISI directly by phone at +49 (0)7233/66-555 or via email planer-service@wisi.de.

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