Vancouver, CANADA, November 28, 2016 – Vancouver telecommunications company, Novus Entertainment Inc., recently launched its Ericsson Mediaroom-powered end-to-end IPTV service and selected Inca Networks’ high-density 4430 series modular MPEG-4 transcoders to provide video transcoding, processing, and monitoring for the full channel line-up. With a powerful and extensible architecture, the 4430 protects Novus’ investment with the ability to add 4K and next-generation HEVC codec support.  Available in 2017, a forthcoming module for the 4430 transcoder chassis will deliver HEVC compression and new ultra-high-definition (UHD) 4K support.

The deep visibility and extensive monitoring provided by the Inca VidiOS management platform, included in all Inca products, enables Novus to launch their new IPTV service while improving system visibility, lowering operating expenses, and lowering engineering costs.  Novus leverages Inca’s class-leading density and low power consumption to transcode and process up to 36 HD or 90 SD channels in one rack unit of space.  The 4430 also supports Mediaroom picture-in-picture (PIP) requirements and high-density audio transcoding.

As a member of the Canadian Cable Systems Alliance, Novus has been one of the driving forces behind regulatory changes in Canada, to provide more affordable and flexible television options to the Canadian consumer. Their new IPTV service will continue to allow them to compete with larger Canadian telecommunications companies – with a focus on customer service.

“We understand that video is a complex business for independent telecom operators.  At Inca, we believe that head-end equipment should do more than just process video,” says Jeff Campbell, CEO of Inca Networks.  “Transcoders should provide a deep and powerful set of tools to help independent operators run their video business and save money on a day-to-day basis.  Deeper visibility and better control are the cornerstones of our VidiOS powered Intelligent Video Delivery solutions.”

One of the key factors in Novus choosing Inca was the tight VidiOS integration between the Inca 4430 transcoder of the Inca 5420 All Seeing Eye (ASE) monitoring and management platform. The All Seeing Eye provides Novus with an innovative mosaic and visual monitoring of all IP video streams in their headend by leveraging the embedded monitoring capabilities present in every Inca product.  The ASE also supports the monitoring of streams generated by other vendor’s equipment, to provide a true network-wide view of all video streams. Using the ASE allows any member of the Novus team to monitor the network using a simple web browser. The system also sends out email notifications when alarms are reported and when issues are resolved.

With the launch of their new IPTV service, Novus is bringing Metro Vancouver residents a new, user-friendly interface for their entertainment experience.

Novus Co-Presidents Doug Holman and Donna Robertson say: “Novus’ pure fiber optic network, combined with its metro Ethernet method of delivering the Internet, is ideal for offering an IP-based TV service. The transition to IPTV will enable Novus to deliver an innovative and personalized HD viewing experience. Novus chose the Inca 4430 transcoder and All Seeing Eye due to the high quality of the management tools, great video quality and the knowledgeable support we’ve experienced both over the phone and in person.  These things, combined with our pure fiber optic network, enable the best quality HD digital video for Novus customers.”

This new Mediaroom-based TV platform enables Novus to provide a more personal and engaging user experience for residents within multi-dwelling condominium and apartment unit buildings across the Metro Vancouver area. With the ability to deliver high-quality live or on-demand video, Novus customers will be able to continue to customize their television services to suit their needs.

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About Inca Networks

Inca Networks, a WISI company, is reinventing the future of multiscreen video delivery. Inca offers industry-leading Intelligent Video Delivery™, a revolutionary software-centric solution for intelligent, real-time processing of linear and multiscreen television content. At its core is VidiOS™, an advanced software processing and monitoring engine that provides deep visibility and control of all video flows, combined with powerful, modular hardware. Inca’s IP video solutions address all aspects of next-generation video, including high-density MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 HD and SD transcoder modules for linear and multiscreen adaptive bit-rate (ABR) and HTTP live streaming (HLS) services; demultiplexing and remapping of MPTS video from satellite and off-air sources to SPTS streams in digital cable, DSL and fiber to the home (FTTH) IPTV networks; multi-viewer mosaic and status monitoring software, digital music service demuxing, and modular ASI to IP conversion.

In July 2015, the Wilhelm Sihn jr. (WISI) company of Germany acquired Vancouver’s Inca Networks Inc. Founded in 1926, WISI is one of the world’s pioneers in broadband reception and distribution technology. Today, WISI’s field of business is the development, production and distribution of products and solutions in the following areas: automotive antenna and cabling, components for broadband networks, fiber optics for broadband, digital signal reception, processing and modulation for TV and radio, in-house multimedia. Inca Networks sells and distributes WISI’s Tangram and Chameleon platforms to the North American, Caribbean and Latin American markets. Video providers around the globe use Inca to easily and affordably deliver content to any screen on any network, all with a superior customer viewing experience and a second-to-none view of the network. 

About Novus Entertainment Inc.

Founded in 1996, Novus Entertainment Inc. is a privately owned and operated company providing high-speed Internet, TV, and digital phone services to residents in multi-dwelling units and business customers  in Metro Vancouver. Novus continues to expand its fibre optic network throughout Metro Vancouver to offer customers the very best in entertainment and communications technology. The network provides virtually unlimited bandwidth to provide one gigabit per second connectivity and beyond, with the capability to meet future demands, particularly for high-definition and 4K programming. For more information on Novus, go to

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