Gosfield North Competes as a Triple-Play Provider with Inca’s Intelligent Video Delivery Solution

Vancouver, CANADA, July 10th, 2014 – Inca Networks, the Intelligent Video Delivery™ company, announced today that the company has launched another successful head-end solution, with a complete IPTV head-end design on their DSL and Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) for Gosfield North, an independent telephone co-op located in rural southern Ontario. The design included Inca’s IPTV Transcoders, Off-Air Receivers, Satellite Demultiplexers, and the All Seeing Eye status monitoring system, enabling Gosfield North to become a competitive player in the television business in their rural area.

“We needed to come up with a new service to tackle competition from triple-play providers and propel growth. Inca customized an IPTV head-end solution for Gosfield, which allowed us to compete against the local industry incumbent by offering video services and unrivalled picture quality,” says Rob Petruk, CEO of Gosfield North Communications Co-operative.

“We are delighted to have helped Gosfield launch more than 170 high definition channels. Building their own IPTV solution from the ground up with an Inca head-end has helped Gosfield realize significant cost savings, and offer a superior television viewing experience for its members,” says Jeff Campbell, CEO of Inca Networks.

“Inca’s solution was approximately half the cost of the other vendors, and these cost savings enabled us to add more stations to our channel offerings,” said Petruk.

According to Derek Watts, Systems Engineer for Gosfield North who worked with Inca to design the IPTV head-end, one of the main advantages of working with Inca and ultimately realizing a significant return on investment was the collaborative and supportive nature in which Inca designed the video delivery solution for Gosfield.

“Inca worked with us to build the system to operate exactly in the way we needed—the Inca solution is very user friendly with enhanced control and visibility,” says Watts.

Says Petruk, “Inca’s solution has allowed us to successfully compete in the video business, and our members have told us they cannot believe how good the picture is compared to the big providers. Inca is definitely the leader in intelligent video delivery.”

About Gosfield North Communications Co-operative

Gosfield North Communications Co-operative is the only independent telephone co-operative in Essex County, located east of Windsor in Ontario. It is solely owned by its more than 3500 members. Founded in 1907 as a municipal telephone service, the company now offers telephone, internet and television services to business and residential customers.

About Inca Networks

Inca Networks, a WISI company, is reinventing the future of multiscreen video delivery. Inca offers industry-leading Intelligent Video Delivery™, a revolutionary software-centric solution for intelligent, real-time processing of linear and multiscreen television content. At its core is VidiOS™, an advanced software processing and monitoring engine that provides deep visibility and control of all video flows, combined with powerful, modular hardware. Inca’s IP video solutions address all aspects of next-generation video, including high-density MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 HD and SD transcoder modules for linear and multiscreen adaptive bit-rate (ABR) and HTTP live streaming (HLS) services; demultiplexing and remapping of MPTS video from satellite and off-air sources to SPTS streams in digital cable, DSL and fiber to the home (FTTH) IPTV networks; multi-viewer mosaic and status monitoring software, digital music service demuxing, and modular ASI to IP conversion.

In July 2015, the Wilhelm Sihn jr. (WISI) company of Germany acquired Vancouver’s Inca Networks Inc. Founded in 1926, WISI is one of the world’s pioneers in broadband reception and distribution technology. Today, WISI’s field of business is the development, production and distribution of products and solutions in the following areas: automotive antenna and cabling, components for broadband networks, fiber optics for broadband, digital signal reception, processing and modulation for TV and radio, in-house multimedia. Inca Networks sells and distributes WISI’s Tangram and Chameleon platforms to the North American, Caribbean and Latin American markets. Video providers around the globe use Inca to easily and affordably deliver content to any screen on any network, all with a superior customer viewing experience and a second-to-none view of the network.

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