Frank Sihn turns 80 – a pioneer of analogue and digital broadcasting and automotive antenna technology

Niefern, March 5th, 2021 – Local entrepreneur Frank Sihn celebrates his 80th birthday today. One of the worldwide pioneers of radio and television technology, he has expanded his father’s company into a globally active high-tech enterprise. Today, WISI Communications’ smart, powerful and scalable transmission technology plays a key role in the development of high-speed networks for fast internet far beyond Germany. Frank Sihn continues to be closely associated with his company even after handing over the operational management to his son Axel Sihn in 2006. As the managing director of Wisi’s parent company Wilhelm Sihn jr. GmbH & Co. KG, he still comes to the office for two to three hours a day in non-corona times when he is not travelling the world.

His signature qualities include a down-to-earth outlook on life and entrepreneurial foresight. Since his birth on March 5th, 1941, Frank Sihn has always remained true to his homeland. After graduating from the Wirtschaftsoberschule in Pforzheim, he studied business administration in Munich and Mannheim. In 1963, he married his wife Ursula, with whom he had two children, Axel and Andrea. In 1967, he joined his father’s company and became its sole general partner in 1972. In the almost four decades under his leadership, WISI, as a worldwide pioneer of analogue and digital broadcasting as well as automotive antenna technology, has developed and brought to market numerous important technical innovations. At the same time, WISI is one of the few companies in the industry that still produces mainly in Germany. Very early on, Frank Sihn also recognised the importance of being in the international business square and laid the foundation for a worldwide presence by founding the Swedish sales subsidiary WISI Antenn AB in Malmö and subsidiaries in Switzerland (1976), Hong Kong (1978), China (1978), Spain (1990) and Austria (1992). To this day, Axel Sihn, who joined the company’s management in 1994, continues to consolidate Wisi’s international presence through strategically important acquisitions, start-ups and partnerships. On this basis, the company celebrates its 95th anniversary this year with Frank Sihn and Axel Sihn.

Groundbreaking ceremony of the new warehouse

Frank Sihn (in the middle) at the groundbreaking ceremony of the new warehouse in 2016.

Frank Sihn has received numerous honours for his entrepreneurial activities, such as the Cable & Satellite Award for WISI in the category Most Innovative Product or Application in Cable Television for the Topline headend in 1996. In 2001 the then Minister of Economics, Walter Döhring presented him with the Business Medal of the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg during a banquet with 1,300 guests in celebration of WISI’s 75th anniversary. In addition, Frank Sihn held several honorary offices in professional associations for many years. As Deputy Chairman of the FV 29 Receiving Antennas and delegate to the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association (ZVEI), he was an important voice for the industry for a long time.

In his spare time, he is passionately devoted to hunting and fishing. In addition to a hunting lease in Niefern and the co-tenancy of a fishing water on the Enz, he dedicates his time to a forest property with its own hunting ground and fishing water in Upper Franconia since 2008, and to a forest property in Romania since 2012. Further cherished leisure activities of his include travelling, good cuisine and wine.

About WISI Communications 

WISI employs 600 people globally with sites in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Bulgaria, UAE, Canada and China. In addition, WISI co-operates with more than 100 partners in all important international markets.

Nine decades ago, the successful journey of this high-tech company started as one of the world’s pioneers in RF and broadband technology. Today, new media drives the rapidly increasing demand for broadband services. Modern broadband networks need to be smart, powerful and scalable transport solutions. This is our business. As innovator and technology integrator for the key areas of communication, we are committed to innovation, now and in the future. 
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