We are delighted to announce that we have successfully upgraded the Ibis Hotel Riyadh‘s TV System from Analogue to Digital in order to offer an expanded variety of channels in various languages and to improve the picture quality. WISI has been chosen to provide a solution that can fulfill those requirements. We upgraded the existing system into Digital through replacing the existing Headend with our Micro Headend OM10 with LG Pro:Centric® Server.

The OM10 Headend is a very compact transmodulator system especially suitable for hotels. Thanks to powerful features like central decryption and the usage of static Service IDs we ensure a disturbance-free operation by avoiding a TV scan after changes at services.

WISI expanded the variety of TV channels in HD quality, offered for the Ibis Hotel. In addition, by integrating he LG Pro:Centric® Server Ibis Hotel is further able to create and distribute information pages on hotel amenities, e.g. restaurants, bars, fitness centers and more.