PON OLT deployments are unnecessarily complex, and typically include multiple layers of proprietary switch and PON IC networking. Practical OLT design considerations can greatly reduce the implementation complexity and cost of mass-market fiber networks. In creating the world’s first pluggable OLT, Tibit has reengineered the PON from the ground up to streamline carrier OLT deployment. The following architectural design principles describe practical simplifications Tibit introduces to the network:

WISI PON Portal Solution

WISI’s PON Portal Solution is the entry level installation for new customers. It covers different installation sizes from Lab to small city carrier scenarios. A completely GUI based configuration and maintenance interface allows the configuration of OLTs and ONU services profiles. The PON Portal is divided into three main sections that depict the different phases during a PON lifecycle. The “Wizard” quickly enables OLTs and ONUs service turnups while the PON Manager provides a detailed configuration interface. Once the PON is in operation, all necessary KPIs can be derived from the detailed PON dashboards to understand the trending of those KPIs and to understand traffic patterns.

Tibit’s engineering teams have been developing PON solutions since the advent of commercial PON technology, including 10 generations of PON sem­iconductors. We understand well the requirements for next-generation OLTs; we focus our expertise on implementing simpler solutions that meet practical needs of the carriers which must operate these solutions in scale.

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