The SD broadcasting of the programmes ONE, phoenix, tagesschau24 and ARTE via the ASTRA satellite transponder 51 will be terminated.

On 15 November 2022, ARD will cease broadcasting the programmes ONE and tagesschau24 as well as the programme phoenix, jointly hosted with ZDF, and ARTE its programme in SD quality via the SES ASTRA satellite transponder 51 (10.744 GHz). From this date onwards, these television programmes will be available via satellite exclusively in HD quality and viewers will have to switch to HD reception at the latest. 

ONE, phoenix, tagesschau24 and the ARTE programme have long been available to viewers in high-definition picture quality via satellite reception. In addition to broadcasting in HD, these television programmes are still being broadcast in parallel in SD quality via satellite transponder 51. With the switch-off in mid-November 2022, simulcast operation and thus SD broadcasting of the four channels will end.

About two months before the date of the switchover, the first scrolling tapes with corresponding switch-off information will be inserted into the picture signals of the respective programmes. From 15 November, information boards and audio loops will inform viewers about the SD switch-off. On 20 December 2022, the carrier signal on satellite transponder 51 will be switched off.