WISIon IPTV Middleware

IPTV and Digital Signage Software

  • Optimal solution for hotels, hospitals, universities, camp sites, sports centers, cruise ships, etc.
  • License fees are non-recurring
  • Supports integration with PMS and is certified by Opera
  • Supports hybrid RF (QAM) and IP installations, WiFi and HLS

What is WISIon?

WISIon is a new and ambitious brand at hotel TV systems which was actualized within more than 20 years of experience by WISI. WISIon generates new pursuits, thoughts and products at broadcast-entertainment solutions. On that sense, our company serves the comfort of quality of system integration and technology by following latest trends and contemporary life.

While TV technologies are advancing every passing day, WISIon software was installed on popular TV brands such as LG, Samsung and Philips. Potential compatibility problems were eliminated by considering different TVs at facilities, hotels and business centers.

Modular solution

WISIon produces IP based central TV systems for hotels, facilities, head offices and campuses with its IPTV, Interactive TV, Video on Demand, Digital Signage packets. WISIon is a private and licensed software.

Our developing marketing activities, customer relations, quick
and smooth system installation, research and development works,
innovator products and personnels who believe in teamwork
are most important factors in our success and we are proud with
those features.