HELIX – Simplifying PON

Accelerate your PON networks with symmetrical 10G

  • SFP+ 10G Optical Transceiver with embedded Ethernet-to-PON MAC Bridge
  • Software configurable, symmetric 10G/10G rates
  • IEEE 802.1AE MACSec uplink encryption
  • IEEE 1588v2 & SyncE Timing & Sync Support
  • In-Band Management via Ethernet OAM 
  • Up to 128 susbcriber and 2K services per OLT
  • XGS Class N2/EPON PR30+ Optical Power Budget
  • RoHS 6 compliant

10G OLT Plug

This universal ITU-T XGS-PON or IEEE 10G EPON hot-pluggable SFP+ Optical Transceiver provides a built-in 10G Ethernet-to-PON MAC bridge. It uses 10G CGS/EPON optics to enable 10G PON solutions at a fraction of the costs of fixed-format OLT chassis. This 10G OLT plugs into any commercially-available Ethernet port of any switch or networking equipment with SFP+ sockets, enabling them to become part of any 10G PON network. The modularity and remote management capabilities of this SFP+ OLT suits them ideally for virtualized PON solutions and Software Defined Network (SDN) implementations. This OLT enables service provider to quickly deploy high-bandwidth services in the most agile, elastic and scalable way. The space and power requirements are far less as any other OLT product on the market, including very high capacity deployments.

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