Active A2B Products

A2B is the brand of our most cost-effective product line and includes products for terrestrial transmissions, satellite distribution, cable TV and IPTV. In addition, all A2B product lines focus on modularity, cost efficiency and innovation.

With our A2B brand, we offer solutions that are flexible and do not become obsolete. Furthermore, our open hardware platform is designed to meet all currently known global standards. Our product range is adapted to the increasing need for technical development without burdening the environment.

MyM Pro
Micro Headend

The MyM Professional product range is a revolutionary solution for the reception and modulation of digitally transmitted TV content into an analogue format. This A2B product is ideal for small SMATV networks where high quality is required.

The Multi Mini Headend

The MyM Pro MICRON is a micro-headend solution where ease of use, cost efficiency and performance are essential parameters. This solution is well suited for small SMATV networks, e.g. in small hotels, sports bars, guesthouses and other hospitality facilities where high quality is required without compromising on ease of use.

EFM Series

The EFM-200 series offers versatile and affordable solutions for receiving FM, DAB and DAB + radio. The EFM-210 and EFM-230 are equally easy to use with 4 or 12 inputs in a 1U rack-mountable enclosure. This, and the fact that they also have an integrated IP switch and network, means they are suitable for both large and small installations.

Micro Headend

A2B’s MyM Micro-Headend is the ultimate compact headend solution where ease of use, cost efficiency and performance are essential parameters. With the MyM, you can receive three DVB programmes, convert them to analogue format and decode them if they have been encrypted by the source. A special mounting kit secures the CA module so that you can easily install the MyM on the wall. In addition, the special low-power design ensures that the unit does not require external cooling.

Setup is done via on-screen menus (OSD) or the internal web server. The web server also contains information about the status and management of software upgrades.

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