“I didn’t consider any other vendor and honestly, I don’t know of
any other vendor that could step up and do what Tangram can do.”

Justin Beaman
Video Network Technician, Midwest Video Solutions


✔️ Replacing end-of-life servers used for encryption and distribution

✔️ Serving multiple geographic areas with localized ad content

✔️ Reducing strain on network bandwidth space


✔️ WISI Tangram Video Platform with the GT41 module for Verimatrix encryption

✔️ Tangram enabled MVS to securely serve ~250 video streams to multiple geographic regions using only 2 modules in a 1RU chassis


✔️ Significant power and rack space savings – a single 1RU Tangram unit will replace all 6x legacy servers previously doing the same application

✔️ Tangram allowed delivery across four VLAN’s, enabling MVS to load balance traffic to each regional zone