Start of simulcast operation of ARD radio programs with the previous audio codec MPEG-1 LII and AAC-LC as well as the TV program SR FERNSEHEN. Parallel to the current radio programs of TP93 (MPEG-1 LII), these will additionally be broadcast AAC-LC encoded on transponders 39 and 61. In addition, the program “Bremen NEXT” will be broadcast on TP39. SR FERNSEHEN SD will be broadcast in parallel on TP101.

Switch-off of transmission on TP93 and end of simulcast operation of radio TV programs. The SD TV program ARD-alpha will also cease operation at this time, but will be available as HD programming via TP39.

 Transponder assignment until 20.07.2021

Transponder assignment as of 20.07.2021

What impact will the codec change have on your receiving and distribution structure?

FM processing from IP data stream:

Service providers offering FM face a major challenge, as existing hardware cannot simply be replaced. WISI offers an EdgeFM module on the TANGRAM platform, the GT22C, which modulates an analog FM signal from an IP stream. To support the AAC-LC codec, the new GTFMADV software option is available, allowing existing systems to be easily updated to the new technical requirement. Based on the CHAMELEON platform, the GNHWUW2 processor module enables EdgeFM functionality, and the GNFMADV software option is available to match.

– GTFMADV: AAC-LC compatibility for GT22C
– GNFMADV: AAC-LC compatibility for GNHWUW2

FM processing from a satellite transmission:

If signal reception via satellite is to be realized in addition to IP in FM processing, the GT31W (4x DVB-S/S2/S2X/C/T/T2/ISDB-T) and GT34W (8/16x DVB-S/S2/S2X) receiver modules are available on the basis of the TANGRAM platform. These provide the incoming satellite signals as an IP stream for further processing by the GT22C EdgeFM module. The CHAMALEON processor GNHWUW2 has 2 integrated universal tuners for the reception of DVB-C/T/T2/S/S2/S2X as well as ISDB-T and thus minimizes the necessary hardware, SAT reception and FM modulation in one module.

  • GTFMADV: AAC-LC compatibility for GT22C
  • GNFMADV: AAC-LC compatibility for GNHWUW2

Audio transcoding from AAC-LC to MPEG-1 LII:

With the “Multimedia over IP Network” (MoIN) server, WISI provides a solution for audio transcoding, e.g.: from AAC-LC to MPEG-1 LII. This enables the further use of receivers at the end customer which are not compatible with the new AAC-LC codec. The transcoder functionality is operated on a server and supplied with SPTS/MPTS streams via a SAT frontend. EdgeQAM (GT23W) or EdgeFM (GT22C) modules handle the modulation of the RF output signals.

More information at MoIN Software

Reception via channel conditioning (transmodulator):

The change of the audio codec has no effect on channel processing in which complete transponders are converted from DVB-S/S2 to DVB-C or DVB-T; only the compatibility of the receiving devices must be ensured. With regard to program diversity, it should be noted that two additional channel strips may be required.

Current: TP93 (switch-off in December 2021)

New: TP39, 61 and 101

Reception via multi-switch:

DVB-S/S2 receivers are usually AAC-LC compatible, so a new receiver test run will only be necessary in December 2021. All programs received until then will be available as usual, with the exception of ARD-Alpha SD, which can only be received as HD program.